Stem Cell Treatments for Skin Ageing and Wrinkle Reduction

Deep wrinkles occur due to elastin degradation. A surgical facelift or botulinum toxin can transiently mask the appearance of deep wrinkles, but do not address the cause.

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All of the cosmetic topicals you can buy do just one thing – from discounted face creams to a costly anti-aging serum – they plump the dead skin surface cells with water molecules; and in doing so, wick-away your natural moisturising factor.

In order to address deep wrinkles it’s necessary to asymmetrically break-down the degraded elastin in your skin for it to be regenerated by your cells. This means a course of needling or a pin-hole laser procedures with an aesthetic practitioner. Both rely on a ‘wound healing cascade’ to rebuild elastin, and our AdMSC based therapy can be used by the physician as a powerful anti-inflammatory to reduce downtime and improve tissue architecture remodelling.

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