Stem Cell Treatments using Fat Transfer

Restore definition to the nose and volume around the eyes, and in doing so address deep wrinkles

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What can be achieved with your stem cells and a combination
Fat Transfer Treatment?

What is Fat Transfer?

Fat Transfer is a medical procedure by which the fat content of one part of the body is relocated to another part of the body or face. The Face and Body Place offers a wide variety of fat transfer and related procedures for patients who desire to change on or another aspect of their face and or body.

Fat transfer is performed to enhance the area where the fat is being transferred to and can also be used to sculpt the area where it is removed from. Furthermore, Fat transfer is an autologous (“self”) transplant process as opposed to a kidney transplant which is an allograft (“transfer from another person”). Only fat from a particular patient can be used on the self!

Likewise, Fat transfer is a procedure with huge benefits both psychological and functional. Given that the procedure is effectively a transplant, for that reasons there is powerful value of the tissue that is being transferred comes to affect the area it is transferred to. As a result, this then has potential for volume enhancement as well as tissue conditioning.

Our aesthetic physicians will re-inject patient’s fat as a more natural and permanent method to enhance facial fullness, fill creases or build-up shallow contours.

This is a departure from the ‘off the shelf’ fillers which others use, that last a few weeks before they’re broken-down and expelled by the body. Without the addition of your stem cells, only ±50% of fat injected will survive.

We also use fat autografts to improve the quality of larger aesthetic contouring procedures, including the breasts and buttocks.

In an autograft procedure, fat is processed into ‘nano fat’ to give the filler injectability and the required plasticity for modelling. Repeats of fat filler procedures maybe necessary as emulsified fat has to re-develop a scaffold (extracellular matrix) and blood supply (angiogenesis) to survive.


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